IoT (Internet of Things)

08 Jan

AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the first idea and most comprehensive concept, with Machine Learning (machine learning) and then Deep Learning (deep learning), which contains the two previous concepts in its essence, must literally bring life to machines and systems.

Know more about the Managed LAN Service.

Through the Internet of Things, electronic devices and other objects will be able to communicate and take actions without human intervention, which can take companies to another level in terms of productivity and data generation.

With regard to security, for example, IT professionals now have allies to detect possible intruders, learn their behavior patterns and act preventively to block any type of access to the companies' network and databases. Bearing in mind that the reverse is also true and if these computational elements have not been planned with security in mind, the attack surface has been enlarged without adequate protection.

The Linux System Administrator will provide technical support to Netapps and Dell fire servers running XFS, NFS, CIFS as well as our SGI DMF backup systems.  The professionals have to take care of the large MySQL and Postgres databases along with saltstack and Jenkins.

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