Tips for Working Remotely

01 Jun

So you’re thinking about how to work remotely. But you’ve got a few problems: Your couch has become your office chair. Your commute is the length of your hallway. Your snack drawer is right across your room. And your cute-little cat is always vying for your attention. Yes. Something that was supposed to be a dream has become a nightmare. And we’re in a dire need for working from home productivity tips.

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You and I know this – Our home office is not as productive as our real office. When you’re working in an office where you’re supposed to complete a task in a stipulated time, you have got a clock ticking inside your head, a supervisor keen on getting on your nerves, and the colleagues who are in the similar (if not same) shoes as you are. 

Working remotely from home once in a while can be a luxury. But when it becomes a norm, it’s a problem. And with the coronavirus staying as resilient as it was three months ago, we don’t know when we’ll get back to our normal lives.

So, today I decided to share a master formula for making work from home a success. I’ve been following this approach because it has boosted my productivity to the next level.

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