Intrusion testing: understand how it works

29 Dec

Safety is a fundamental factor in the development of many products and services. Everything that may involve some kind of danger needs to be properly tested to try to find the best way to reduce any type of damage to the user / consumer. This is the logic that drives the automotive industry, which for decades has known that performing the famous crash test is one of the most efficient ways to find out what details need to be changed in a project so that the vehicle is as safe as possible.

 Technicians possess an array of practical knowledge that enables them to deal with numerous problems of technical support of the department. They install and upgrade user software, maintain operational documentation and provide remote and on-site support.

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And it's not just the cars that go through this type of analysis. You have certainly heard of INMETRO and its product tests. They also serve to assess the degree of dangerousness and resistance of countless consumer goods that we purchase daily.
With information technology, logic is no different. It is possible to carry out tests to find out the level of information security adopted in a company. This procedure is known as PenTest or Intrusion Test. In this type of test, a specialized team plays the role of cybercriminals and devises ways to access and obtain business information, helping to discover security breaches.
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The concept of Ethical HackingIntrusion tests are based on the concept of Ethical Hacking. In this professional segment, digital security experts use their expertise to play the role of the Hacker, that is, he puts himself in the role of a cybercriminal and uses his skills to make a “hack of good”, in which the only objective is to assist the company in improving its information security processes and optimizing its internal policies to prevent cyber crimes.
The emergence of Ethical Hacking has opened up new perspectives for companies, which now have something very important to arm themselves against cybercrime: the possibility of testing their security force in a safe and unintended test. Currently, many companies in the most varied sectors and sizes frequently perform Pentests to check their current protection capacity.

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