Facebook is working on AI capable of teaching robots to walk alone

14 Dec

In science fiction, it is not uncommon to see stories with robots capable of accomplishing the most diverse feats. Many are endowed with artificial intelligence capable of learning different skills, becoming increasingly complex.
In real life, Boston Dynamics has already developed robots that can dance and even perform some parkour movements . Although they are complex movements, they are not actions that robots learn to perform, they are programmed for that. Different from what Facebook is doing.
The company released three articles explaining some of the advances made by its Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory (FAIR). Although Facebook is a novelty, other companies are already developing research in this sector.

The professional will handle the implementation process and take care of the programmers. They ensure that the vendors will stay within the deadline and budget. It is the duty of the IT Analyst to resolve and debug IT systems and make sure error-free functionality and end-user satisfaction.
Of the materials released by FAIR, the first refers to an insect robot that can learn to walk alone. AI was programmed to develop certain actions through trial and error. The action is complex because the robot needs to reason about its balance, location and orientation in space, with the help of its sensors.
Artificial intelligence and curiosityAnother article concerns the use of curiosity to streamline AI learning. Curious artificial intelligence systems are rewarded for exploring and experimenting with new things, as well as for achieving a specific goal. According to the article, AI explores the environment in a structured way, seeking to satisfy its curiosity by learning about the environment around it.
The third article explains how the company has been developing AI capable of performing more complex and delicate tasks from the touch. With the use of a tactile sensor, the robot was able to perform actions such as: rolling a ball, moving a joystick and identifying the correct face of a die.
Facebook has not revealed how it intends to use the advances presented, either within the platform itself, in external applications or if it intends to invest in the robotics industry. Regardless, there is no denying that we are getting closer to living the science fiction stories of the past.

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