Cybersecurity culture for companies

07 Dec

The report The Rise of the Business - Aligned Security Executive , carried out with 416 security executives and 425 business executives, commissioned by Tenable , pointed out that most Brazilian organizations, more precisely 96%, suffered some cyber attack in the last 12 months that affected business.

In addition, more than 37.2 million cyber attacks were targeted at companies in Latin America alone, according to data from the Panorama of Threats in Latin America , by specialist Kaspersky.
Through these data, it is possible to see that organizations need a culture of cybersecurity , which aligns tools, actions and conscious people, in promoting safer business environments.

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An organization needs several pillars to function: management, administration, communication, planning, among others. Ultimately, however, each of them depends on a fundamental link: people .
Employee actions are crucial to the functioning of any company. When employees are vulnerable, the company is at great risk and can suffer serious impacts.
Most cyber attacks are targeted at people. Through social engineering techniques , combined with software and malicious codes , criminals are able to execute their attacks, generating.

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