Compliance do Service Level Agreement (SLA)

28 Dec

As fundamental agreements, SLAs are a system of resources to manage customer expectations and satisfaction. By configuring them properly, you can identify interruptions or performance problems.
Even though SLAs were originally targeted at service networks, they have now spread to IT operations and project management to help measure and justify the numbers.

Primary responsibilities of a Support Engineering include continuous monitoring of systems, software, and hardware.
To meet all the demands associated with compliance with these SLAs, IT teams need to automate as many support and development tasks as possible. For this reason, the pressure on them to provide faster and more efficient services to allow systems to function without interruption has been constantly increasing.
Since the SLA compliance percentage must be periodically reviewed, the benefits of integrating and relying on your company's tasks in an effective automated solution will save time and effort to successfully achieve this process. In addition, it will guarantee users and commercial customers satisfaction due to the tangible improvement in the company's environment and overall performance.

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