Secret of the professional desired by companies

04 Dec

Training professionals capable of interacting, disseminating and unifying ideas is a task of the focused company. People who really dialogue and seek alternatives to circumvent sameness.

The dialogue adheres to a basic principle: quality.

One of the characteristics of the modern man who gained more momentum with the technological revolution is the concern with the economy of time. As a result, there were losses in two important directions: listening and knowing how to share ideas; inconstant and invariable revolutions that we fatally overlook in favor of time, precious and so summed up.

There is a very large waste of energy there and little synergy to capture good trends and responses to the market.

The Information Systems Security Engineer will research and investigate the potential impact of new threats and exploits. The engineer will guide the Information Security team in examining and developing networks security solutions. They provide advice on vulnerabilities or potential vulnerabilities within architecture.

Lack of foundation and therefore there are guidelines that need to be part of the daily life of an interested professional:

  • Have an overview of the relationship between the communication plan and strategic marketing planning,
  • Outline communication objectives and strategies
  • Know how to prepare, develop and approve creation, production and media briefings,
  • Present, develop and approve advertising campaigns, media, production, RTV and research.
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